Nats don’t sign Prince Fielder to a stupid contract

The Hot Stove has gone cold for the Washington Nationals — Prince Fielder, the biggest free agent left, signed with the “mystery team” — the Detroit Tigers . The terms 9 years, $214 million for a player who weighs 275 lbs and has “early onset old player skills” written all over him. Good luck Tigers, at least you can make him a DH.

The Nationals likely would not have met Boras’s price, anyway. They were wary of offering more than six or seven years, according to one person familiar with the Nationals’ thinking, and Boras believed from the start he could get Fielder a contract of $200 million. – Prince Fielder chooses Detroit Tigers over Washington Nationals (The Post)

Fielder would have certainly made the Nats better for several years, but you have to wonder what happens after he hits the wall, a near certainty 4 or 5 years into the contract.

So, what are Nats fans going to tweet about now?

Now, the Nats focus can return to extending Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals Journal, The Post). I don’t expect anything to happen this offseason unless Zimmerman really wants to sign.

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