There has been a lot of coverage on Twitter, blogs and even the national media about Prince Fielder joining the Washington Nationals. I have thought it over and still conclude that he’s a DH with looming early on-set “old player skills.” Would he help the 2012 Nats? Yes, but anything longer than a 5 year deal could be really tough in later years. Thomas Boswell agrees with me on Fielder (The Post) which raises red flags.

Also, if comes down to signing Ryan Zimmerman or Fielder (though there is not a good reason both couldn’t be signed – Adam Kilgore, Nationals Journal, The Post), I’d take the former. Zimmerman is theoretically more flexible at more positions. Plus, sentimentality, that’s there, I’ll admit it.

Should the Nats be marketing themselves? (Mark Zuckerman, Nats Insider) Duh. They just don’t get it on that front. I guess the upside is tickets are easier for me to get. A winter fan fest would be nice though.

Bob Carpenter is returning to MASN for the 2012 season (Bill Ladson, I’m kind of ambivalent about Carpenter. I like his “there it goes!” homer call, but that’s it. Some fans really dislike him.

So much for my “is Dave Jageler auditioning for Carpenter’s job?” theory.

John Lannan got married (The Reliable Source, The Post), most of the team was there.

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