Redskins, D.C. won last major championship 20 years ago today

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Washington Redskins last super bowl victory and the last D.C. championship in the four major sports (football, baseball, hockey, basketball). DC United has won several MLS championships since then.

I remember telling a friend that year that the NFC was the Redskins to lose — the Dallas Cowboys were a year away, the New York Football Giants lost Bill Parcells, the San Francisco 49ers were in transition and the NFC Central was the NFC Central, so no worries. Washington hosted the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions the playoffs — there was no way either of those teams would come into RFK Stadium and win. Just impossible.

The Post has a big section about the Super Bowl XXVI team today that is full of excellent nostalgia, including Tony Kornheiser’s Bandwagon columns. Don’t take their word for it though, let Donald Sutherland (?!) narrate the whole season for you!

That was an episode of America’s Game the 1991 Washington Redskins from NFL Films (via Hulu). It is pretty good.

Here is the Super Bowl XXVI game highlights from NFL Films (via Hulu), but narrated by Jeff Kaye:

I also remember that the great Glenn Brenner died right after the NFC Championship — I forgot to acknowledge that here.

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