A brief respite from drought and warmth in Western Pennsylvania this past weekend looks to be nullified by rain. Hmph! The Poconos and rest of the Northeast may be fairing worse. Apparently, there wasn’t even snow at Vail, Colo. two weekends ago! Just brutal. We’re going to run out of winter before it even gets here — it is mid-January and nothing has been open for long. Is there any hope?

I have a gripe with ski area Web sites (at least in the mid-Atlantic/Northeast) — finding information about vertical drop and elevation isn’t easy. You really have to go to a third party site and the one I’m recommending is dcski.net. They have resort profiles that are easy to find, plus other features.

For years I have tried to get an answer on which is better, the Poconos or Western Pennsylvania. Even after a Black Shoe Diaries (Penn State blog) fanpost, I still don’t know. Interesting observations nonetheless.

Ever wonder what Jack Frost/Big Boulder is worth? $9 million it turns out. If I win Power Ball or MegaMillions, I might have to buy myself a resort. Pocono Record


We’re getting desperate here, if it gets much worse we’ll have to resort to watching those cheesy ski movies from the late 1980s/early 1990s.

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