The Northeast corridor is well represented in the NFL championship Sunday with 3 teams playing. At least one will move on to the Super Bowl. This is the best Sunday in pro football, better than the Super Bowl which is amateur night and about things like ads and half-time shows.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

About 400 miles of Interstate 95 separate the two stadiums. I guess I’m grudgingly rooting for Baltimore because the thought of the Ravens going to Indianapolis for a Super Bowl is kind of funny. Oh and I like their marching band too.

I think the Patriots win though, because I’ll take the Pats offense can overcome the Ravens defense better than the Ravens offense can overcome the Pats defense. If Ray Rice has a big game, which he didn’t against the Houston Texas, Baltimore has a chance. I also think New England wins because it keeps Penn State from having a full time coach for another two weeks.

PATRIOTS 34 Ravens 24

New York Football Giants at San Francisco 49ers
The battle of I-80! Or the Lincoln Highway! I’m filled with nostalgia for the NFL I loved before I went to college. Two flagship teams wearing excellent old-school (for the most part) uniforms playing on a real grass field that will probably be coming up in clumps. Candlestick Park is one of the few NFL stadiums left that has any character for the television viewer. I cannot wait to watch this game.

The sloppy field probably favors the 49ers with their run gun and stout defense. However, San Francisco gave up over 30 points last week at home to the Saints. I picked the Giants to go to the Super Bowl, so I guess I have to keep picking them. I think Eli Manning is in the zone and the Giants defense knows it is time to play. They have been through this before with head coach Tom Coughlin. Either way, I’m rooting for the winner of this game to win the Super Bowl too. I always liked the NFC better anyway.

Giants 24 49ERS 20

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  1. The two teams I hate most in football are the Patriots and Ravens, so I am also rooting for the NFC to win the whole thing. Just to be different, I’ll take Patriots vs. Niners.

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