What do you mean the Capitals – Penguins rivalry is waning?

Capitals vs. Penguins: A rivalry with a big missing piece in Sidney CrosbyThe Post
Penguins talk about a cooling Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry – Capitals Insider, The Post
To paraphrase one co-worker: “I believe as a matter of basic theology that every time the Penguins lose, an angel gets its wings.”

Maybe the Pittsburgh Penguins fans don’t feel as strongly with Sidney Crosby chronically concussed (after all they are frontrunners, but don’t admit to it) and Alex Ovechkin under-performing, but Washington Capitals fans will always hate the Pens. As long as Western Pennsylvania brain drain flows into BeltwayLand, this rivalry will be strong. Even if they all moved back, we’d still hate the Pengyunz because of the terrible playoff history, including Pittsburgh’s “creative” scheduling. More Haterade from early in the season from La Coupe Hauxer.

In other news, I went to late Tuesday’s Caps vs. Calgary Flames game. Free company tickets in 102. I took a bunch of photos which you can view on my flickrstream. Ovechkin scored early and got an assist. He and the rest of the team beat the Flames 4-1, but then they had a typical tough trip to California. Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Green both went home early.


NHL delays realignment after players’ association refuses to give consent
NHLPA is blocking the realignment that almost everybody wants. Donald Fehr, the union chief, has his hands all over this one. I think it still happens, the NHLPA just wanted some leverage. Fehr was the union leader involved in the 1994 MLB strike. Fun!

Finally, an epic jersey foul:

THat's a sport coat

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