Cash cows Fairfax, MontCo shorted in state aidThe Wash. Examiner
Great article on how much Northern Virginia residents get ripped off by the Commonwealth of Virginia with state taxes.

Fairfax County, home to one-seventh of Virginia’s population, generated $2.6 billion in non transportation revenue for the commonwealth in 2010, according to county figures, but only received about $546 million — or 21 cents for every dollar sent to the state

Fairfax and Arlington counties in Northern Virginia received $789 and $722 from the commonwealth per resident in 2011, respectively, while Prince William County got $1,209 per resident.

No details for the city of Alexandria, where I live.

Unfortunately, the article does not detail which Virginia counties get more and where all the money goes as it does with Maryland.

In related news, my brother was quoted in a Robert McCartney column about Northern Virginia Republicans willingness to raise taxes for road improvements. These taxes might not be necessary if we got our fair share back.

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