Not that long ago, my father mentioned in passing that one of the best whiskeys he had ever tasted was corn whiskey out of a jug. His recollection was that he had it during an epic cross-country road trip (the top was up for less than one hour over the course of a month) many decades ago. He mentioned that Platte was part of the name. I became intrigued and tried to find it. I determined it must have been Platte Valley Corn Whiskey and he later confirmed it. My next step was to contact my friend Joe a legendary assistant manager of a liquor store in Northwest Washington, D.C. He found a liquor store in Southern California that carried it and I had it shipped to me.

The other day, we finally opened it up. It had strong aroma and in a way, felt like rye, but didn’t smell like it. It poured clear and yellow. The taste — not as sweet as I would have expected from a 100% corn whiskey. It was not terribly distinctive, neither sweet, nor bitter or harsh. It was pleasantly warm going down, like most whiskey.

Did the taste live up to the memory? Apparently not, but it was interesting experience nonetheless. It were aged more than 30 months, it probably would have more going for it — perhaps there was/is a variety that is aged longer and more tasty.

Author: WFY

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