Guido D’Elia is gone from Penn State!

Penn State Marketing “Guru” Guido D’Elia Let Go Black Shoe Diaries
We found out today that Guido D’Elia, who was in charge of Football Communications and Branding for Penn State football, is GONE! @FightonState tweeted this great news.

Hopefully, this means the end of “theme games” like tie-dye day and piped in music like “Sweet Caroline,” “Livin’ On a Prayer” and “Don’t Stop Believin'”. D’Elia may have been a competent video producer with the Penn State Football Story, but his gameday experience was very minor league and not collegiate. I’ll give him credit for doing well with the Joe Paterno Memorial Service, but that’s about it. I got tired of driving for hours and spending hundreds of dollars to hear the same generic piped-in music that he dumbed-down Beaver Stadium with for the last several seasons.

There is only one way to celebrate this news:

Let’s hope whoever takes over respects the traditional Penn State and college football experience overall. Let the Blue Band shine!

UPDATE: This may mean the end of the Penn State Football Story as we know it since D’Elia’s company, Mind Over Media produced it. If that happens, so be it, AND BRING BACK TV QUARTERBACKS. I bet Fran Fisher still has those loud blazers in his closet.

Not his loudest jacket, but you get the idea…

Also, can we get the contrasting trim back on the jerseys? D’Elia claimed it was his idea to make the Penn State football jerseys less elegant and more cheap looking.


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