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Chesapeake and Maryland House centers will undergo $56 million redesign; profits will be shared with state

The two-year, $56 million project to rebuild Maryland House and Chesapeake House as a public-private partnership with Areas USA was approved Monday by the Maryland Transportation Authority board. The deal requires the approval of the Board of Public Works next month and review by the General Assembly.

As service areas go, I always thought these were two of the better ones, especially Maryland House. Overall, the stretch of Interstate 95 between Baltimore and Delaware is one of the better parts of the “east coast’s main street.” I suspect this is true for a couple of reasons — the road is tolled and therefore self-funding and a realization is the most familiar part of Maryland, “so we better make it nice.” Just a theory though…

My big question is whether there will be new on/off ramps from the right lanes rather than the left lanes, like now.

I suppose there is something of a service plaza arms race between the states along the northeast corridor – Delaware made a major upgrade to the Delaware Turnpike service area not that long ago.

Upgrades coming to Md. I-95 service areas10.6.2006

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