Once again, the topic of the Washington Redskins name has come up. WRC anchor Jim Vance contributed this to the discussion, basically a plea for…a discussion.

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I can see the argument too ways — historically “Redskins” is an ethnic slur. On the other side, the Washington football team’s long use of Redskins has changed the meaning of the word. Several polls have shown a super-majority of native Americans don’t object to the team name.

Nevertheless, I think I have come up with a solution:

Let's rename D.C.'s NFL team to the WASHINGTON REDBULLETS

The Washington Redbullets! After all, people keep saying they miss the Washington Bullets name, but the NBA team isn’t going to change. Everybody happy now?

Author: WFY

Yet another Washingtonian pushing the ubiquitous Nats/DC sports, Penn State, commuting, bicycling, kayaking, broomball, skiing, gin & tonic agenda.

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