Nats: The season of silence is ending!

Charlie Slowes on the Nats – DC Sports Bog, The Post
Every off-season, Washington Nationals broadcasters Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler observe “the season of silence” where they “get to pick their own friends again” after the long baseball season. Thankfully, we are getting closer to hearing them every day or night as the season draws closer. This profile on Slowes made me smile. Hopefully, the Bog will do one of Jageler too.

In the meantime, they will broadcast 10 games during spring training.

“You don’t usually see teams change broadcasters when their team is winning World Series. If your team wins, your broadcasters become more popular. More people are listening, more people are following you and you become a part of the story. When the games are great, and the story line is there, and the team is playing well, it’s almost like the game does itself for you.”

So, I guess Slowes is in the last year of his contract…

As I have said before, Hey Nats, grant Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler tenure already!

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