Jerry Dunn never gave me a Big Mac.

A silly video from Fight On State of Patrick Chambers giving out Big Macs at the State College McDonald’s. Here’s the story: Chambers is the (Big) Mac Daddy

The promotion was if Penn State scored 70 points this weekend, you could redeem a Big Mac with a ticket stub. They sat on a lead with 67 points against Nebraska. Chambers felt bad about it and it was decided to do the promotion anyway. That’s pretty cool, there were never promotions like that when I was a student. Of course, back then you couldn’t spell Nittany without N-I-T either, even with Dunn as the head coach, so we had to settle for some decent basketball to watch. Still, free fast food wouldn’t be so bad. The team is going to be fun to watch grow and the current freshmen students will probably have a really fun ride, much more fun than those perennial NIT teams of the late 1990s, with it if they get on.

The Nittany Lions won’t be dancing this year (11-15, 3-10), but despite being out-manned/out-gunned/etc. they have played respectively for the most part, especially senior guard Tim Frazier. The future with Chambers as coach looks brighter than in a long time.

UPDATE: Over on the WWN Facebook page (don’t forget to Like it), one commenter notes that Bruce Parkill once gave her and a friend pizza while the waited for NIT tickets.

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