Here’s my quick Super Bowl prediction — New England Patriots 34 New York Football Giants 17. Last time these two met, I talked myself out of picking the Giants.

I’m pulling for the Giants for several reasons — they play in New Jersey where I was born, represent New York which is one of my favorite cities to visit and have a good, stable family ownership. They also wear classic, basic uniforms. There is something to be said for the winning Super Bowl team swept by the Washington Redskins too. For Redskins fans, it is mostly indecipherable words of confusion and frustration.

The Patriots on the other hand, stretched the limits of sportsmanship if not outright cheated during the previous Super Bowl runs, have annoying Tom Brady and have stupid uniforms. New England and Boston are nice enough and the offensive coordinator will soon coach my alma mater, I just don’t want to root for those guys.

Author: WFY

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