An amusing little article about old Garden State Parkway tollbooths

A strange graveyard where N.J.’s tollbooths go to dieStar-Ledger
Old Garden State Parkway tollbooths that have been rendered obsolete by one-way (and eventually, all electronic) tolling are sent to a “graveyard” near the Asbury Park toll plaza.

Tree houses for kids? Sold on eBay to nostalgic New Jerseyans, like baseball fans who bought their old seats at Yankee Stadium.

“At some point, when we switch to all-electronic tolling and this will no longer be necessary, then there will be a decision made on how to dispose of them,” Feeney said from the yard. “And by dispose, I don’t necessarily mean throw out — a decision will be made at that point on what to do with them.”

It is probably a good I have a condo instead of a house with a yard, otherwise I might consider getting one of these…

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