$90 million contract for final mile of ICC awardedWTOP
MARYLAND ROUTE 200A $90 million contract to complete the Intercounty Connector (MD 200) has been awarded. Maryland’s newest toll highway and the biggest expressway project in the Washington, D.C. region will be extended one miles east from the Interstate 95 interchange to US 1. The new route is expected to open in late 2013 or early 2014.

One co-worker of mine uses the ICC daily on her Tysons to Columbia commute and is quite grateful to have it. I still wonder if it provides much relief for I-495 Capital Beltway though. Looking at the map and seeing you have to go up about 9 miles on I-270 from the Beltway and wind up only 5 miles up I-95 from the Beltway doesn’t make me want to use the road.

Author: WFY

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