Last look at the elms?
The elms in happier times

Disease claims historic Old Main elmPenn State Live

Since the onset of elm yellows on campus in 2007, 76 trees have been lost. Add to these the number of trees killed prior and since by Dutch elm, and out of approximately 290 trees, about 100 remain.

Sigh. Another reminder that the Penn State we knew is going away. The university has put up a good fight against elm yellows, but ultimately, I think they are just buying time, not finding a cure. As these beautiful trees fall, they are being replaced with different types of trees. I understand the rationale, but the fact they were ALL elm trees made them that much more impressive.

What we’re losing:

I have created a Penn State elms public flickr group as well, so please add your flickr photos of the elms.

UPDATED MARCH 9: provided video and a gallery of the Old Main elm that got cut down today.

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