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This morning, I told my wife about the new Washington Nationals marketing campaign, “Natitude.”

“Oh my gosh” was here response. When I followed up with “IGNITE YOUR NATITUDE!” she replied, “I’m staying out of it.”


Ugh, I guess it was only a matter of time before they used this one — puns baby! It isn’t ideal, but is actually an improvement from last year’s easily mocked campaign, “EXPECT IT.” I can actually hear Charlie Slowes saying Natitude in a radio promo and it doesn’t sound completely awful.

“It’s a young team, with an edge and attitude,” Nats COO Andy Feffer told me this week. “But now it’s different than the past: they’re talented, and they’ve got the skills to back it up. That kind of edge and attitude is Natitude.”

I see what the Nats are trying to do and I’m sure the team will have more attitude with Davey Johnson talking playoffs and better young players, particularly brash rookie-to-be Bryce Harper. Still, the campaign is too easily mocakable at this point since they have yet to have a winning record since baseball returned in 2005 — it seems like hubris. Throw in some well-deserved skepticism for Feffer too. Also, Michael Morse and Danny Espinosa don’t actually have a sustained track record of excellence, though I think Espinosa’s upside is pretty high. Morse on the other hand, causes a little more skepticism.

Overall, it isn’t the worst Nats campaign, but not the best either. Here is how I rank them:

1. Make it your pastime – 2005
2. Welcome Home – 2008 (new ballpark)
3. Natstown – 2010
4. Get Your Red On – 2006 (from July on)
5. Pledge Your Allegiance – 2007
6. Natitude – 2012
7. Expect It – 2011
8. Let yourself go – 2006

I don’t remember what the 2007 campaign was, maybe more of “Get Your Red On.” The old slogan “The National Pastime in the Nation’s Capital” is probably better than any of these.
I forget LET YOURSELF GO! Thanks (I think) to @buckwheaton for reminding me. I can still hear poor Steve Ray reading that one. He deserved better.

UPDATED: 2007 thanks to @DavidHuzzard

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  1. “Natstown” Deserves to be ranked higher. It seems to be the only one that’s caught on as a general descriptor.

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