Lakehurst has a blimp again

Navy airship to keep flying for at least one yearAsbury Park Press
I just found out that the U.S. Navy has had a blimp at what used to be called the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. It will be sticking around through 2012 too.

Emblazoned with its 1920s-style fin insignia and black letters reading “U.S. NAVY,” the MZ-3A military research airship cruised Ocean County skies again as a new agreement is prepared to keep the blimp and its crew working for at least another year…

Abbotts said he could not talk about details of the agreement or the cost, but it will be the same mission of providing an aerial platform to test equipment and technologies at a much lower per-hour cost than fixed-wing or rotor aircraft. A Navy research squadron has been using the 178-foot airship to test a variety of equipment including surveillance and sensor systems.

Back when my grandparents lived outside of Lakehurst, we used to pass the hanger when we visited. We never visited though which in retrospect was foolish. We might have to take a journey back there and get on base to see the huge Hanger 1 that we passed all those years ago. I’ll have to check out the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society


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