In news that is sure to make UniWatch happy, Bryce Harper is wearing red stirrups with his Washington Nationals uniform.

Screencaps taken (with love and respect!) from the Post video linked below:

Bryce Harper stirrups

Here is the whole Post video:

Thomas Boswell is excited, but relatively measured, in his column about Harper today
. The kid, whom I had a few reservations about but it wouldn’t matter if he helped the Nats win, is growing on me. I’d even tell him I appreciate his respect for the uniform via Twitter, but he closed his account (Nats Enqurier). That was probably a good idea too.

Hopefully, more of Harper’s teammates will emulate the rookie-to-be in the sock department. Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann (Nats Enqurier) and Ryan Zimmerman are not far off — just need to switch from socks to stirrups. Maybe show a little more white though. He could improve on blousing the pants too, but he’s a rookie, so we’ll let him off easy.

Oh and the Nats only have the 27th best uniform (ESPN)? C’mon Jim Caple, you know that’s off.

Lastly, after an awful lot of “We’re sorry, we were unable to process your request due to high transaction volumes. Please try to submit your request again.” I finally got my Home Opener tickets.

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  1. The stirrups are a good look, but I don’t mind Strasburg & JZ’s look with the socks. Stirrups only became popular after concerns that the dye on socks would harm players.

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