Per Twitter, the first of Stephen Strasburg‘s 160 innings is scheduled for Opening Day when the Washington Nationals open at Wrigley Field against the Chicago Cubs. It looks like Gio Gonzalez. The rest of the rotation is undetermined, so we don’t know when Strasburg will pitch in D.C. Figure Jordan Zimmermann being #3 and Edwin Jackson #4. Will they start with a five-man rotation? Don’t be surprised if Gonzalez gets the home opener.

Bryce Harper got sent down. He’s more myth than reality at this point. He needs to learn to hit lefties and how to play centerfield which has Thomas Boswell’s (The Post) support.

Bos also wrote a column about how the Philadelphia Phillies are getting old. It is a great column to write because if the Phillies falter in the next 2 or 3 seasons, Bos gets to say “hey, I told you so.” I’m not going to write off the Fleas just yet, but they have problems like only 1 regular infielder being healthy.

Tickets for “Take Back the Park” games against the Phillies are coming in unadorned envelopes according to @jdland.

Speaking of JD Land, here is a preview of the ballpark and neighborhood for 2012. The neighborhood is finally heading towards critical mass after the economic downturn (The Post). Moving forward, let’s start referring to the Nats home and neighborhood by its historical name — Blood Field (Greater Greater Washington).

The Nats like Bikram Yoga (The Wash. Times).

Michael Morse (Nats Enquirer) and >Adam LaRoche (The Wash. Times) are both hurting this spring training. That leaves first base for? Of course, neither was a factor last April and the Nats still won 80 games…

The Miami Marlins made more headlines in the offseason, but the Nats probably made more progressGrantland

I’ll see those Marlins at my friend’s bachelor party in April. If there is a better bachelor party than a ballgame, I don’t know it. Fogo de Chao was pretty good though.

Fort Myers, on the Gulf Coast in Lee County, can now openly court the Nats to move spring training there, but Viera wants to keep them though (Florida Today). Can Lee County afford a third team though (Fort Myers News-Press)? I have never been to spring training, so I don’t have much of an opinion. Viera has taken its knocks, but it is a straight (looooong) shot down I-95 and close to the Atlantic Ocean. Ft. Myers would have easier travel for the team. The downside — the minor league complex is separated by a few miles. I have already addressed the most important factor any move to Ft. Myers — proxmity of Panera.

I’m going to try and get back to more regular updates.

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