The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has released the next Metro rail map and some service changes called Rush+. The big changes (from the press release which includes the new map):

Rush+ will improve service for nearly 110,000 customers on the Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange lines. Seventeen stations will get more frequent service with six additional trains every hour of rush hour.

  • During peak periods, more than 46,000 Orange Line customers will benefit from six additional trains per hour – three in each direction – between Vienna and Largo Town Center. This will result in 18 percent more capacity on the line, or approximately 2,600 seats per hour.
  • For 33,500 Blue and Yellow Line customers in Virginia, Rush+ will increase the share of Yellow Line trains, meaning more direct and faster access to downtown via the Yellow Line bridge. A smaller number (about 16,000) weekday peak-period customers who travel on Blue Line trains via Arlington Cemetery will experience a maximum of six-minutes additional waiting time for a train.
  • Stations north of downtown on the Green and Yellow lines will benefit from 18 additional trains during rush hour periods. Stations from Shaw-Howard to Greenbelt will benefit from six additional Yellow Line trains each peak hour – three in each direction – between Greenbelt and Franconia-Springfield. And for the first time, you will be able to travel from Greenbelt to Franconia-Springfield without transferring. More than 28,000 customers will benefit from the change.
  • Whether this works out like they predict remains to be seen.

    On the map, the rush hour only service will be marked by dashed lines. Also, the lines now have circles with 2-letter codes for each line (BL, GR, OR, RD, SV, YL). The Silver Line is on there, but shown as under construction with a solid line (they should have done it like the old map with alternating white lines) and un-bordered station circles without names. New station names (like Navy Yard-Ballpark) are also shown. The little car icons for parking lots are replaced with the typical “boxed P” which is helpful.

    The modifications are not surprising, but I still like my plan with lettered and numbered Metro lines better.

    Left unsaid in the press release was that the map was designed and redesigned by Laynce Wyman.

    The new maps and service begin on June 18, 2012.

    Greater Great Washington reminds us
    that the survey about Silver Station names ends on March 21 — just two days away. Their critique is up as well.

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