2012 Nats vs. Padres Q&A and prediction with Jason Woodmansee

It is guest prognosticator time again! Legendary displaced Washington Redskins fan Jason Woodmansee lives in San Diego and is thus the closest to be a Padres fan that I know, online or otherwise. He’s returns to talk about the upcoming Washington Nationals visit to the Gaslamp District; last year’s Q&A. I probably should have made some Three’s Company or Joan Embry and the San Diego Zoo jokes, but there is always next season. The Friars aren’t the easiest to come up with questions for…

WFY: The Padres and Nationals have just about mirror images in their 2012 start. Were the Padres expected to be bad, mediocre or good this season? Is anybody getting alarmed by the start or are they too busy basking in the experience of San Diego living?

JW: Padres fans definitely aren’t impressed with the slow start. A guy I used to work with runs Gaslamp Ball – the SB Nation blog for the Padres. Check it out for some good angst. I’ve also anecdotally heard about people saying that tickets aren’t in demand right now, but that’s typical of just about everywhere in April. But it’s not like the subject is on everyone’s lips, like in Boston or something.

WFY: Who is a bigger deal the Padres or Chargers? Is that going to be a moot point one of these years? It seems to me that the Chargers owners must really want to be there otherwise they’d have been in L.A. 15 years ago. Of course, I have to ask how our buddy Norv Turner is doing too.

JW: Are the Chargers bigger than the Padres? Well, the NFL is bigger than baseball just about every where. I always joke that the Chargers are moving to LA at some point, but there seems to be general progress on a new stadium (although I have to say that Qualcomm Stadium has the finest corporate sponsor in all of the NFL). As far as Norv goes, I really thought that this was the year he’d get fired. Most fans were shocked (and annoyed) that he and AJ Smith (the GM) got kept on. The Spanos family are like the bizarro Dan Snyders.

WFY: Weren’t the Padres off TV for a while? As a Nats fan, I completely understood their pain.

JW: The Padres TV contract before this year was with a special channel run by Cox. It was available on cable, not not on satellite or AT&T. Since I have to get DirecTV to watch Redskins games, I was never able to watch the Padres on TV – even their ESPN games would be blacked out. It seemed like a pretty short sighted move in a town with a lot of transplants – it was hard for me to get too into the team. This year, they signed a big deal with Fox to create a new Fox Sports San Diego, which not only puts the franchise on better financial footing, but is also available across multiple systems. I have watched a couple of games this year, and plan to watch the Nationals games if I can.

WFY: Is Jerry Coleman still doing games? I met him last year and he worked with the Yankees at the same time as my mom; he’s a good guy. I heard Dick Enberg is around too. Is Enberg still no better than an average sportscaster?

JW: Yes, Jerry Coleman still does radio, and Dick Enberg does TV. I don’t watch/listen enough to give any reasonable opinion on their skills.

WFY: Are Padres fans counting down until Stephen Strasburg’s free agency in the hopes he’ll want to go home?

JW: You are the first person to mention waiting for Strasburg’s free agency. But that gives me an idea for a movement I should start…

Editor’s note: I should have kept my mouth shut…

WFY: Are any of your kids in a little league that got were given free Padres uniforms? If so, which incarnation of the Padres are they?

JW: Kids aren’t in little league right now, so no Padres gear.

WFY: You have said in the past that you don’t see a lot of Padres stuff out that way — do you still see more interlocking SD or the curly W since that’s been misappropriated to mean west coast? Do you know if people in South Dakota have taken the Padres caps as their own?

JW: There is some confusion between San Diego State University and South Dakota State University when it comes to the name SDSU, but I haven’t heard of them claiming the SD hats yet.

WFY: We’ve discussed the In-N-Out vs. FIVE GUYS “rivalry” before, any changes on that front?

JW: No news in the In-N-Out vs. Five Guys battle. They’re both co-existing well.

WFY: Are you headed to any of the games this week?

JW: The series snuck up on me – I hadn’t checked the schedule for when the Nats were coming yet. I’m going to try to make the Thursday night game – the Orioles were in Anaheim this weekend, so it’s DMV week in SoCal, I guess.

WFY: Who takes the series?

JW: The Nats take the series – the Padres are awful.

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