Just about every Washington Nationals home opener has the same promotional item — a cap. I have several caps from Opening Day sitting around. Over the last few years, they have started to move away from the traditional red home cap into the “fashion cap” territory. In 2010, it was an ugly batting practice cap. Last year’s version was a red cap with a white panel. I think I wore for yard work or during several ill-fated jogs. Otherwise, it sits around. Perhaps the only upside to not having a baseball team in D.C. for so many years was they never had something stupid like a white front panel cap.*

Moving along, this year’s home opener cap is well, interesting.Natitude cap?

So, is this what they mean by Natitude? I think I’ll pass on picking one up and leave it for the teenagers who like that rock n’ roll music and University of Maryland and Nike Pro Combat football uniforms — the um, Bryce Harper demographic.

It’ll be funny seeing on some middle age guy wearing this cap with an official jersey though, won’t it?

*One team is bringing it back, to which I say, party like its 1988.

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