Observations from the Washington Nationals home opener against the Cincinnati Reds, a 3-2 victory:

  • Fans entering Nationals Park from center field were greeted by a drumline on Half Street.

    Drumline greeting fans

  • For the first time I can recall, there was a military jet flyover.


  • The Quantico Marine Corps band played “America the Beautiful” and the “Star Spangled Banner.”

    Quantico Marine Corps Band

  • The DC National Guard participated in the ceremony with a gigantic flag, a regular tradition.

    DC National Guard flag

  • Lines seemed pretty standard.
  • The turnstiles now have optical readers to scan tickets.
  • I saw Nats COO Andy Feffer and didn’t yell at him.
  • I couldn’t find the Bob Carpenter scorebook at the several stands I looked for it — I would have gotten it at the team store, but it is closed. Next time, perhaps.
  • I think the definition of “all the way” has changed at Ben’s Chili Bowl stands. I don’t recall it always including shredded cheese and whiz. Next time, I’ll go without the cheese.

    Hard Times nachos, Ben's Chili Bowl half-smoke (all the way)

  • Beer is still expensive.
  • Good to see a few fellow bloggers out there.
  • It was the first time I sat in the outfield, not bad, I think I prefer behind home plate in the upper deck.
  • Metro ran well for me, no issues, but I booked it to Navy Yard station on the way out.
  • I expected a much bigger ovation for Wilson Ramos during introductions and his first at bat.
  • Always good to see co-owner James Brown was master of ceremonies. I still wish they could find something for Charlie Brotman to do.
  • Teddy lost in a close one.
    Teddy comes in second to Tom
  • The race was moved to left field to prevent Jayson Werth from interfering again so both sides of the field could get the experience (DC Sports Bog). Scott Ableman of Let Teddy Win was featured in The Reliable Source, The Post; good to see him too.
  • Werth dropped November Rain as his at bat music too — good move. His first at bat was “Howlin’ For You,” a major upgrade.
  • Ryan Zimmerman went with “We Are Young” which sounds like a college anthem. Speaking of Zimmerman, his off-field news may be why he played so poorly yesterday — he just got engaged (The Reliable Source, The Post).
  • Xavier Nady doesn’t bring much as a player, but he did choose one of the few decent Collective Soul songs — “Heavy” as his at bat music.
  • Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley was there and booed. Not me though, he supported DC baseball!
  • Sections 418/419 never filled in — I couldn’t get seats up there during the presale. I think the ticketing situation needs to be reviewed.
  • The scoreboard walk and Red Loft were crowded throughout the day.
  • John Popper of Blues Traveler fame played God Bless America on the harmonica, but I’d say he gave the runaround on a few notes towards the end.

    John Popper?

  • I did not pick up the Natitude giveaway cap
  • Good to hear “Heart” on the organ late in the game.

Wow two links to The Reliable Source, that has to be a first.


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