The Washington Nationals took the first two games of their first 2012 series, but the Chicago Cubs salvaged it yesterday, though the Nats fought back. Two out of three is nice, especially when every game could have gone the other way and nearly did.

Thursday: I recapped it that evening.

Saturday: Gio Gonzalez didn’t look sharp in his debut, giving up 4 runs in less than 4 innings. The bullpen came through though and another big ninth inning won it for the Nats.

Sunday: Jeff Samardzija nearly went the distance from the Cubs, holding them to a run until the ninth inning when Adam LaRoche hit a two-run homer with 2 outs in the ninth. The Nats had a man on with Carlos Marmol throwing wildly, but Xavier Nady didn’t have the patience to let Marmol hurt himself.

Samardzija previously lit up Penn State in 2006 when he was an All-American WR at Notre Dame. I don’t like that guy! Also, he needs to get rid of the relief pitcher look if he’s going to be a starter.

Jordan Zimmermann went 7 innings and gave up 2 runs, but didn’t get the run support.

Two out of three is nice, especially when every game could have gone the other way and nearly did.

Wilson Ramos is having trouble behind the plate. He will be given the chance to work through it.

Jayson Werth can’t buy a hit, but at least walks in high pressure late game situations. His right field defense is lacking as well. He doesn’t like walls.

Ryan Zimmerman isn’t doing much better either. He got on via throwing error yesterday. I’m not worried about him, he was mashing them on Thursday, but the wind off Lake Michigan kept them in the park.

LaRoche really turned around after an awful Opening Day.

Chad Tracy
didn’t have the game-breaking hit yesterday, what’s going on?

Cubs reliever Kerry Wood might be the Nats first series offensive MVP. He got about 2 outs over 8 batters in two appearances.


The Cubs get to fly their W flag for the first time. The curly W flag will have to wait until tonight at the earliest.

On Thursday, I saw a DC flag flying at Wrigley. That and the Chicago flag = vexillological splendor:


The Nats head to New York for a 3 game series against the Mets at Citi Field. They play the next two nights (Night baseball? How reverse) and finish up on Wednesday afternoon.

I have a Q&A with guest prognosticator Eric McErlain answering questions about the Mets at 2 p.m.

Oh yeah, does anybody care what Buck Showalter thinks? Ya, I didn’t think so.

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