Has Ryan Zimmmerman been scratched yet? Day off tomorrow…

Jim Caple is tired of the Bryce Harper hype (ESPN). I can’t speak for the other rookies, some with better stats, but harper is exciting. I’m still in favor of “just letting him play” because that’s better than any hype.
Good win last night, Adam Kilgore’s gamer was great (The Post). You probably already read it though.

There is a lot of “yapping” coming from D.C. according to Dan Levy (Bleacher Report – wow, a first here?, who acknowledges “it’s working.” Fun column to read from this side of the rivalry.

The Nats lead the Phillies season series 4-1. Since the end of last May, they are something like 13-3 against the closest NL team.

Way too early to sleep on the Phillies though — if they can hang on, all they need is a good 10 days or so and all of the sudden they are in the Wild Card or play-in game. I wouldn’t want to face the battle-tested Phillies in a one-game playoff.

I never did link to the Happy Bos column from Monday. Thomas Boswell makes good Kool-Aid(The Post). There is more to it this time too.

There are several Nats stories in USA Today Sports Weekly this time.

I have to link to another Boswell column about MASN soon.

Tonight’s game is on ESPN2 nationally, MASN locally.

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