Annual post about why Washingtonians should root for the Nats and hate the Orioles

Rather than try to build a narrative about the Washington Nationals series with the hated Baltimore Orioles, I think I’ll just make it short: The Baltimore Orioles and their owner Peter Angelos voted against D.C. baseball, “acquired” 90% of the Nats TV rights and kept the Nats off of most D.C. area cable systems for almost two whole seasons. The archives of this are at Peter Angelos is a coward and MASN Sucks.

Some other asides:

“Washingtonians” who root for the Baltimore Orioles probably also root for Iran and North Korea too.

Nobody actually says, “I want to be a Baltimoron!” but when a Washingtonian wears the orange and black, that’s what they’re saying.

I’m hoping Preakness keeps the Baltimoron factor in Nationals Park lower this weekend.

As for real Baltimoreans who root for the Angelos team — well, the Ravens must be a lot of fun. Too bad Angelos doesn’t believe in you and has to get a subsidy from D.C.

The reason the O’s have a bird on their cap is Baltimore won’t let them put a B on it out of fear of association.

White-panel caps never looked good. The bird face logo looks minor league.

For the fans who haven’t chosen one over the other, mixing Nats and O’s attire is awful. Pick one or none! Pick the right one too.

The Orioles will probably take the series, knowing my luck, they’ll sweep.

I’ll be there Saturday night, in the press box for blogger night amongst the O’s loving DC sports media.

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