A weird Washington Capitals season has come to a close. They started off hot, then got complacent costing head coach Bruce Boudreau his job. Then, the had trouble adopting Dale Hunter’s system until the playoffs when they won every other game for two series. Unfortunately, they only won 7 of them and they needed to win 8 to keep playing. Game 7’s effort wasn’t there for big chunks of the game.

The Caps had won the two previous playoff series against the Rangers.

I have no idea what the team’s identity is or if they are going to find one. Whether Hunter stays is unknown. Alex Ovechkin isn’t the same player he was 3 seasons ago. Alex Semin needs to go too, I don’t think the Caps can go any further with him aboard.

Also, I lost a four person bet on the season series between the Caps, New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins. They Caps were awful against those teams.

Author: WFY

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