Dale Hunter steps down as Capitals coach – Capitals Insider, The Post
I’m not surprised Dale Hunter is out as Washington Capitals head coach. He has a good setup with his junior team/farm back in Ontario. Hunter could have been an assistant for years and that wasn’t enough to pull him away. It turns out being a head coach wasn’t either.

Hunter probably determined pretty quickly that his heart was at home, but gave the Caps all that he could because he took a job and wanted to see it through. Would have have liked to win 9 more games? When he was hired, both he and Caps general manager George McPhee said it was interim and they would evaluate at the end of the season. I think Hunter coached the team differently because he knew he wasn’t coming back, so long-term ego management and other issues were not a factor.

I think Thomas Boswell is way off, by the way.

There are great sentimental reasons to be really upset about Hunter going back to the farm, but when it came down to it, the Caps can be summed up by this @DCSportsBog tweet: “Final 56 games of the Caps season, incl playoffs, in 14-game increments: 7-7, 6-8, 8-6, 7-7. #coinfliphockey”

I wonder if I will see the next coach walking down 9th Street in Ballston with his coffee…

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