Bryce Harper loves Washington, and says he wants to play his entire career in the cityThe Post
Bryce Harper has decided as a 19 year old that he wants to stay in the D.C. area forever as a member of the Washington Nationals. He’s living in Pentagon City and I never wanted to move out of Pentagon City either, so I see his point. Still, a really feel-good article that you should invest absolutely zero in because a 19 year old’s worldview is very different than a 25 year old on the cusp of a $200-300 million contract. He is saying all the right things rigth now though as evidenced by him suggesting the Colorado brewery selling Clown Question Bro beer donate some profits in honor of a fallen police officer.

He’s too good to be true.

Also, get that man some more Pop Tarts. Maybe an endorsement deal with them too. Is that balcony grill usage legal?

The Nats series in Denver was strange (Stephen Strasburg losing?!, three games of 10 or more runs, rally napkin and coming back from being down 7-0 to lose by one in extras). Given the history with the Colorado Rockies, a split is okay with me. Oh and Tyler Clippard feeding baby ducks in the bullpen.

Peter Angelos is probably really upset because Washingtonians are watching the Nats in record numbers and at a greater rate the Capitals or Wizards. Hopefully, this news has reached the committee that is going to give Bud Selig a recommendation on how much MASN has to pay the Nats for TV rights over the next five years. Angelos, who should not have had the Nats TV rights to begin with, has to be scared that the panel reviewing the Nats request for TV rights compensation will see this new information. It is a mortal lock that the dream of Angelos/Orioles no longer having the Nats TV rights will come true though.

The Nats radio ratings are also solid with 5% of area radios tuned in to hear Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler call the action. All the more impressive — high ratings without pancake banter. Also, more merchandise is being sold at Nationals Park. Note: The previous four links all go to DC Sports Bog which is mostly Nats these days.

1924 Senators throwbacks and more for the July 5 game against the San Francisco Giants.

Ryan Zimmerman is hitting again, thanks to a cortisone shot. Hopefully, he isn’t doing permanent damage though.

A big series with the second place Braves in Atlanta tonight. The Nats have a 3.5 game lead on them and the Mets, along with the best winning percentage in the NL.

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