The Washington Capitals 2012-2013 schedule has been released: SCHEDULE | DOWNLOADABLE SCHEDULES | PRESS RELEASE

I’m not going to get into how it lays out for the Caps because I’m skeptical of the full season being played due to the expiring collective bargaining agreement. I’ll probably write about the schedule when we know it will be played.

The Caps still don’t have a head coach and probably won’t anytime soon. Japers Rink came up with an excellent “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style poll that identifies who the best coach is based on your feedback. I came up with Larry Robinson. Okay.

Ted Leonsis really, really, really, really wants approval for new video boards on the side of Verizon Center. I say, let him put them up, Chinatown Gallery Place has become the shiny lights district of the District, some TVs aren’t going to change the character much.

Also see: The D.C. Council hearing on Verizon Center signage – DC Sports Bog, The Post

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