Has Mike Rizzo called Joe Maddon “fake tough” yet? Gamesmanship overshadows Nats loss to the Rays

Sadly, I don’t have a lot of time to recap last night’s events (video) — Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson asks the umpires to check Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Joel Peralta‘s glove for a foreign substance and sure enough there was. Peralta was tossed and Rays manager Joe Maddon started barking off the field about how he felt about the actions of the Nats. I didn’t nearly come to blows like the epic 2005 showdown between Frank Robinson and Mike Scioscia though. As for Maddon, someone from Hazleton, Pa. being passive-aggressive? Well, I never…

Won’t you be disappointed if Nats GM Mike Rizzo doesn’t call out Maddon fake tough?

The glove challenge overshadowed the fact that Chein Ming Wang was terrible and the Nats lost their fourth game in a row.

I wonder if Johnson would have challenged the Rays if he didn’t have Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez next in the rotation.

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