The Swiss colors have been retired.

Some people seemed really upset that I wouldn’t pick between my city and family in the Washington Nationals vs. New York Yankees series this past weekend. Some of those people regularly support the Baltimore Orioles which is the worst baseball team a Washingtonian can cheer for because of Peter Angelos.

I’ll admit, I have a little fun agitating people with neutrality though.

The Yanks swept the Nats, by the way.

My mom was asked by someone who she was cheering for this weekend and scolded when she said the Yankees. That wouldn’t have happened 3 years ago. She explained that she worked for them, which is of course, why I have always cheered for them.

Anyway, want to know how was “doing it wrong” this weekend? WTOP!

Pick one or none guys.

Also, John Sterling of the Yankees radio network:

I gave up on listening to Yankees games over MLB Audio — going from Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler to Sterling and Suzyn Waldman is too hard.

Oh look, Steve Urkel or “Jaleel White” threw out the first pitch for one of the games. Urkel.

A couple of columns:

DICK HELLER: Yankees stir memories of RFK fan-demoniumThe Wash. Times

MITCH RUBIN: I love the Yankees. What if my son loves the Nationals?The Post

This concludes my beige heart bleeding with neutrality — I’m eager for both my teams to go back to helping each other. Nats get the Tampa Bay Rays tomorrow night and the Yankees host the Atlanta Braves tonight which in the old days, would have been on TBS and thus available. Miss you das uber station.

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