I will admit that heading into the Washington Nationals vs. Tampa Bay Rays series I couldn’t find any “extra excitement” like I do for Northeast Corridor rivals. It is safe to say that this
series was way more fun than we could have anticipated after Joel Peralta’s pine tar ejection. Still, heading into last night, the series was split and the Nats really needed a win. Gio Gonzalez did not have his best stuff, but gutted out a win until the Nats bats could overwhelm estuary pitching.
Danny Espinosa had a big night (CSN Washington) and made the Rays pay for walking Adam LaRoche(MLB video) to get to him, doubling off of Peralta. Well done.

Ian Desmond also had an excellent evening
, including a great play up the middle.

Wow. Robin Ficker heckled Joe Maddon (DC Sports Bog), who responded with a ball smeared with pine tar and “Stick up for those you care about” written on it. Everybody wins! I’ll say it, Maddon saved a little face there. He had taken the task of taking attention off of the player who got caught a bit far. See you in October!

Joe Theismann was there too, talking to Bryce Harper.

Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight and radio? Good to see the increasing support amongst the D.C. pros though. Of course, Sonny Jurgensen had Natitude before most of us were born.

Harper applied for a trademark to “That’s a clown question, bro.” Probably a week late, but might as well.

Tweeter was down yesterday. If Davey Johnson was on it, I’d tweet at him the following Peter Angelos and MASN tags because this was a disappointing revelation (CSN Balmer), but it probably endeared him to half of the D.C. sports media who have the same feelings.

Would it have killed the Rays to wear a traditional gray jersey at least once?

Big series tonight up on the wrong end of the B/W Parkway — you know how I feel.

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