RIP Mickey Mantle’s restaurant

Yankees cap, Mickey Mantle's glass
Mickey Mantle’s sports bar closingNY Post
Game over for Mickey Mantle’s RestaurantNY Daily News
I ate at Mickey Mantle’s several times, including my 19th birthday. I recall having a tasty strip steak for what seemed like a really good price at the time for New York City. Prior to eating there once (if memory serves) we saw a hanson cab run a red light going down 5th Avenue at 59th Street; middle finger — FULL EXTENSION. If you had put that in a movie, people think you would be overdoing it.

That it lasted so many years is somewhat impressive, particularly since the host hasn’t been around since 1995. As you can see, I still have a pint glass from Mickey’s.

That reminds me — I need to get my copy of “The Last Boy” back. I have been meaning to blog about Jane Leavy’s Mantle biography for some time.

The neutrality series is coming Friday…

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