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My “hometown brewery,” Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Co. was without power following the June 29 derecho. They were apparently able to get by with minimal losses, but one batch was interrupted.

He says one batch of lager beer – roughly 120 kegs worth – fermented differently than the brewers originally intended.

“It turns out that there’s actually a style of beer called ‘California common beer’ or ‘steam beer’ that is intentionally fermented this way, and so our lager beer will end up being a California common beer,” Butcher says. “We’re going to call it ‘Derecho Common.'”

The beer will be available on draft only in the brewery’s tasting room and in restaurants and bars around the D.C. area that were affected by the storm.

I’ll admit I’m curious and will try and have a sample next month when it becomes available.

Additionally, the storm and threat of losing lots of beer seemed to generate more buzz for Port City than anything to date.

Author: WFY

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