Nats radio: Post Magazine profiles Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler

Washington Post Magazine cover featuring Nationals radio team Charlie Slowes and Dave JagelerFor Washington Nationals radio team Dave Jageler and Charlie Slowes, baseball’s in the air | GalleryPost Magazine

“There are 30 teams and two radio guys per team, that’s 60 jobs,” Jageler says. “You’re more likely to be U.S. senator than a play-by-play announcer.”

The voices of the Washington Nationals, Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler are profiled in the Sunday magazine. It is a great read about two great broadcasters.
They Get It.

I hope this feature leads to big, long contracts for them, Charlie & Dave need to be here for a generation (or two!).

I bet the pancake chain feels doubly foolish that they didn’t re-up this season now.

Sadly, none of their interns could be reached for comment.

A video is attached as well:

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