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The Washington Nationals are expected to bid for the 2015 All-Star game, the next one available to a National League team. The Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins, who began playing in their ballparks in 2003 and this season, respectively, are also expected to put in bids. However, Loverro points out that the Baltimore Orioles are looking at the 2016 All-Star game as well, which could complicate matters since MLB doesn’t like to have All-Star games in the same region too often. Given that Bud Selig has coddled the Orioles and their owner, Peter Angelos over the years, an all-star game in Baltimore instead of Washington is probably even money.

I’m mostly interested in the events that come with the All-Star Game, rather than going to the game itself or even watching it. By 2015, my son will be at an age where the All-Star festivities would be most enjoyable. Waiting until 2017 is probably even better. That’s if he decides to like baseball of course.

D.C. has held All-Star games in 1937 and 1956 at Griffith Stadium and 1962 (one of two) and 1969 at D.C./RFK Stadium. Baltimore held one in 1958 and 1993. The latter provided this interesting theory:

Of course, as long as Bud Selig is commissioner, Camden Yards may never host another All-Star Game. He thinks the fallout from 1993, when Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina warmed up and American League manager Cito Gaston failed to put him into a 9-3 win, led to managers feeling they had to use all of their players. That directly resulted in the 2002 debacle in which both teams ran out of pitchers in an 11-inning game that ended in a 7-7 tie.

Like I said, interesting, but Selig has protected Angelos to a fault and rewarded Angelos with 90% of the Nats TV rights in an 11-hour corrupt bargain just before the 2005 season.

Speaking of the Nats TV rights, no word on when Selig will decide what Angelos has to pay the Nats, starting next year. I expect it in the offseason, even though it was supposed to be done by June 1.

UPDATED 07.10.2012:
Here is a Nationals Journal (The Post) take on it – Nationals making push to host All-Star Game in near future

The thinking within baseball is that Nationals Park will get the game soon, possibly within five years. There are some obstacles and other teams that could step in front. Petco Park in San Diego and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia still have yet to host the game. Wrigley Field, which turns 100 in 2014, could get the game. As the 25th anniversary of Camden Yards creeps up, the Orioles could make a case.

The bottom line is, an All-Star Game in Washington is a good bet. The Nationals absolutely want to host the game and Commissioner Bud Selig cares about a thriving Washington market.

I’ll believe when I see it.

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