A Kurt Suzuki (acquired during my vacation, sorry Jesus Flores) bunt turns into a three-base error and the winning run. Yay!

Wow, an actually embeddable video the morning after a game! Of course, it is one of the promotions that MLB.com does, so that must be why. I almost wrote a post yesterday about MLB.com’s strange policy for embedding videos — the Danny Espinosa go-ahead home run on Saturday night wasn’t available, but the Bryce Harper one that merely added an insurance one was which shows MLB video is more about stars than the game.

Good to see the Washington Nationals get a win in that goofy ballpark the Houston Astros play in. It belongs in the American League which is where the Astros will be playing next season. I’m still concerned the Nats will only split the series against the woeful ‘Stros because of that ballpark.

While I was down the Shore, my son and I were 2 of the 4 people I saw wearing Nats attire in Avalon/Stone Harbor. There are not as much Phillies stuff up there as there was last year, but still more than say, 2005 when were started going back to that part of the Jersey Shore. They only two people who mentioned my Nats stuff were both Washingontians or some sort.

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