Google Maps promotes US 209 to an interstate

UPDATE 10.16.2012 – They fixed it. I’m sure my friend Tom is thrilled that his sleepy hometown of Nesquhoning, Pa. now has an interstate highway going through the center of it:

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US Route 209US 209 which goes from PA 147 north of Harrisburg (it should go down to US 22/322 though) to US 9W in Kington, N.Y. (it really should go all the way to US 9 on the other side of the Hudson River) joins the ranks of mis-labled highways that I keep documenting; I guess this is a new hobby. Some parts of the highway are now marked as Interstate 209.

Near Port Jervis, N.Y.:

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There are a couple of other places in Pennsylvania that have I-209 signs, but not my friend Fritz’s Elizabethville. I’m sure Tom is thrilled about these bragging rights.


Arlington Blvd or as Google Maps calls it “US Route 50 in Illinois”

Another Google Map error: “US Route 1 in Rhode Island” on the 14th Street Bridge

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