Nationals vs. Braves: Kris Medlen shuts down Washington, which misses a chance to sweepThe Post
No sweep, but no worries for NatsCSN Washington
Stop me if you’ve heard this before — the Washington Nationals win the first two games of the series but can’t finish off the sweep. That happened again last night as the Atlanta Braves won 5-1. Kris Medlen outpitched Ross Detwiler and the Nats gave up three extra runs late. Can’t win them all. A sweep would have been really sweet though, because it might have all but buried the Braves. However, the Braves staying within striking distance might be good for the Nats.

Overall, things are looking pretty good in Natstown, particularly when you consider that a year ago, they were still getting “invaded” by Phillies fans. Oh how times have changed, Thomas Boswell notes.

I could have done without a Chipper Jones tribute (The Wash. Times) last night, though from what I was seeing on Twitter, they trolled him a little bit. Good.

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