Gio Gonzalez became the third pitcher to homer for the Washington Nationals last night and the second to pitch a (much needed) complete game.

A great performance from Gonzalez in a game where it was really needed. The bullpen was worn out and he became the third Nats pitcher to homer this season. Just a huge start at just the right time. Taking at least 3 in Houston is important, even with the Astros being 2008-2009 Nats style bad. That’s a goofy park that won’t be missed with the Stros being relegated sent to the AL.

The Nats have the best record in baseball right now.

I was disappointed when I looked back and saw my Twitter timeline was full of tweets and RTs from Nats fans and beat writers talking about a Baltimore Orioles prospect. The free pass Peter Angelos and Orioles were granted by D.C. sports media is understandable, though still extremely disappointing for D.C. media members — many of the pros were and still are Orioles fans. To suggest that they did not go after that owner/franchise for:

1.) voting against D.C. baseball
2.) the absurdity of the Baltimore team controlling the D.C.’s team’s TV rights
3.) the vindictive withholding of nearly two full Nats seasons from D.C. area cable systems by Angelos/Orioles

isn’t controversial for me to say. Still, as a Washingtonian who waited decades for a D.C. baseball team, it is frustrating.

The Nats fans who still show excitement for Baltimore baseball confuses me anymore. Why support somebody or something that worked/works against your interests?

On a lighter note, Dan Steinberg was tasked with writing a story on Nats fans thinking that this might be the year (The Post). I’m taking it one game at a time, but Steinberg writes well so it is worth the read.

Bryce Harper was upset by Angel Hernandez’s strike zone and will get the day off today. He needs it. However, read Angel Hernandez Is Bad, And Bryce Harper’s Continued Maturity (SB Nation) anyway.

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