Metro-riding Nats fans stranded after 13-inning gameWTOP
The Washington Nationals have improved in many ways, especially on the field, but the business operation still needs work. Last night’s game started an hour late due to rain and went into the 13th inning. Unfortunately, D.C. does not have a 24-hour subway system, so fans using Metro needed to either leave before the game was over or figure out some other kind of transportation. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has a contingency plan in place if the Nats want to buy in. For a deposit of $29,500 and the same amount for each additional hour the rail system is open, WMATA will keep the trains running. The Washington Capitals (and presumably the Wizards as well) have a deposit in. To me, its a no-brainer for the Nats to do the same as a rule, not just for the occasional Sunday night game (DC Sports Bog, The Post).

I just did a little math — $29,500 is approximately the cost of 3,687.5 Nationals Park $8 beers. I’m willing to bet that the Nats easily sell that many beers per game. It could actually be a lot more. Eighty-one times a season. Just from that one concession item. $29,500 is a drop in the bucket for something that it strains credibility to call a loss-leader. Fans are more likely to go to a night game during the week if they know they can get home. Duh. Looking at the attendance from last night, a Baltimore-esqe 21,000 for a battle between 1st and 2nd place teams, I would hope the Lerners see the wisdom of making a $29,500 deposit on a team they spent about half a million dollars on. They spent $32 million for 6 years of Cristian Guzman, at least they can help us get home.

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