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While a sweep is always preferable, the Washington Nationals still “beat the Mets, beat the Mets” twice in this weekend’s three game series. By the way, I can’t say enough how attractive the series looks, particularly when the Nats wear their home whites. Take a look during Michael Morse’s grand slam (first of the year for D.C.)

Good to see Bryce Harper hitting again (The Wash. Times) — couple of homers, a triple. Must have been that trip to the youth baseball clinic (Nats Enquirer).

Gio Gonzalez
won his 16th game yesterday, most in D.C. since 1970 (Dick Bosman).

I don’t know if it is going online any time soon, but I was quote in an article that ran on D2 in yesterday’s Post. Here are some things I should have tried to shoehorn into my comments to Steinberg about keeping going as a Nats blogger since 2004:

Testify to the greatness of Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler of the Washington Nationals Radio Network. Slowes has been here from the beginning and called exactly one season of non-losing baseball. Jageler arrived a year later, so he has not even get to call a precisely medicore season of D.C. baseball though last year was close.

Remind everybody of the bad faith that Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles. With the blessing and downright protectionism of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. Angelos/Orioles voted against D.C. baseball in 2004. Selig, then rewarded this bad behavior by granting Angelos the Nats TV rights . Angelos then put the Nats on a new channel, MASN, that DC cable systems did not get until September 2006. The channel is overwhelmingly Baltimore coverage outside of Nats games.

Also, it hired Rob Dibble, who is running his mouth again. Got to hand it Duffy’s for cutting Nats fans a break for having to deal with Dibble (Nats Enquirer).

I’m still over the Strasburg shutdown.

Tonight begins the biggest series since 1945. Or 1933. I need to find a way to one of the games. The Nats can bury the Atlanta Braves with a sweep and probably come close just by taking the two-game series. Huge, but potentially one of a few huge series left this season.

THOMAS BOSWELL: For Washington Nationals fans,visit from Atlanta Braves brings a pennant race in personThe Post

Lastly — the photo above is from the National Building Museum’s Lego architecture exhibit. I started making a curly W, my wife took over and made it much better. #natitude

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