Yesterday, just for laughs, I asked former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann on Twitter if he’d be okay with new kicker Billy Cundiff wearing #7. Nobody has worn #7 for the Redskins since Theismann in 1985, but Cundiff wore it with the Baltimore Ravens last year. Hours late, I got an answer:

Okay, not a surprising one and certainly a fair one. While the Redskins have only officially retired Sammy Baugh’s #33, several numbers are not in circulation. We haven’t seen #21 (the late Sean Taylor), #28 Darrell Green, #42 Charley Taylor, #44 John Riggins, #49 Bobby Mitchell and #81 Art Monk and of course, Theismann’s #7. All but Taylor and Theismann are Hall of Famers.

A few minutes later, Theismann clarified:

Had I been in front of my PC at home, I probably would have blogged the first tweet and then gotten stuck changing the post after the second tweet.

Also, if you want to get retweeted a lot, get a question answered by a former NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion. I don’t think I could get the same result out of a current or former player from any of D.C.’s red, white and blue teams.

By the way, the Redskins roster shows Cundiff as wearing #5. Jeff Hayes and Curt Knight could not be reached for comment.

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