Generally speaking, I’m pretty happy with the Washington Nationals uniforms. I’m in the tank for the curly W and don’t miss the beveled-block typography of the original set. However, if I had a say, I’d make a few changes.


There are just two changes I’d make

1.) remove the number from the front of the jersey

2.) replace the circular team logo on the left sleeve with the interlocking DC (seen on previous versions). I’m not enough of a PhotoShop jock to get the un-beveled version of the interlocking DC, but you get the idea.


If the number were to remain on the jerseys, I’d move it up higher to be even with the curly W.


I think the switch to the script “Washington” on that began in 2009 made for the best looking road jersey in D.C. baseabll history. It was changed a little in 2011, but not much. The big problem with the road set is the cap. A two-tone “Atlanta Braves” cap doesn’t set well with me. The solid blue cap the Nats wore from 2005-2010 is my favorite Washington baseball cap ever and I’d like to see it return. The Senators wore blue for much of their history, so it was an appropriate nod to the past too, though having another cap to sell was probably the main motivation. The changes I’d make to the roadies:

1.) go back to the solid blue road cap

2.) Change the sleeve and pant leg striping to match the home uniform, plus the interlocking DC.


There is something to be said for ditching a road cap in general, but after looking at the combination, I still prefer the solid blue. Either choose is superior to the two-tone “Braves cap” they wear now.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but after the Nats poor performance in the 2012 UniWatch Power Rankings I became a little more motivated to put it together.

Lastly, if I’m going to be redesigning baseball uniforms, I’m making all the players were their pants the right way with stirrups.

Logos are the property of MLB. Graphics modified from Chris Creamer’s excellent

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