While the Houston Astros are terrible, I still feel pretty good about the Washington Nationals sweep of them. That goofy ballpark has been a house of horrors for the Nats, so getting through there without a loss is still a big deal. The Nats don’t have to go there for several years now — maybe that’s bad since the Astros are so bad and the Nats finally figured out how to win there.

Jordan Zimmermann had 11 strikeouts over 6 innings. He was excellent (mlb.com video) — probably could have stayed in though. He’s really progressed this season and seeems to be a sleeper for Cy Young.

Michael Morse is in the zone. He’s got an 18 game hitting streak and then this:

That 415 feet shot had a ways to go, but an outfield sign got in the way. That might have landed on N Street if it was hit at Nationals Park. Big night for Morse with 2 homers and a sacrifice RBI.

Other intelligent remarks:

Meanwhile, down in Potomac Woodbridge:

Have fun!
My twitter feed was much “cleaner” than yesterday morning. 🙂



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