Remember on Tuesday night when the Washington Nationals hit six home runs off the Chicago Cubs?

It took over 110 years and almost 80 seasons to reach that mark and the Nats did it again less than 24 hours later. Wow.

Bryce Harper hit two of those homers, earning the coveted “Must C” embeddable video on

You know what would be funny? Finding a Cubs pitcher in the offseason and playing the “rapid ascent” submarine horn for him. He’d probably collapse into the fetal position.

Sorry, I probably just jinxed the Nats to being shutout tonight.

Roger Bernadina hit a homer before Harper’s first, then Adam LaRoche hit one two batters later in the 3rd. Three out of four batters homered in one inning! Then in the 7th, Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa went back to back. Harper’s second homer came in the sixth.

Gio Gonzalez pitched 7 shutout innings for his 18th win.

The Nats clinched another series last night. There isn’t a better story in baseball than this Nats team.

Hard Times Cafe is going to go broke on giving out wings.

More fun:

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