After nearly a half-century, Maryland House to close its doorsThe Sun
Two-year project will replace aging I-95 travel plazas with modern offerings
The first service area on Interstate 95 north, Maryland House, will close just after midnight this coming Sunday. The building will be knocked down and replaced by a new facility. After the Maryland House is replaced, the Chesapeake House will also be demolished and replaced. Areas USA won the contract for the new service areas, but HMS Host is suing them and the state over bidding procedures. The project is still a go at this time.

Areas will keep one travel plaza open throughout the redevelopment project. The new Maryland House will built on the same footprint and reopen in December of next year. Then Chesapeake House will close for demolition; it will be rebuilt on an adjacent site and reopen in September 2014, Bellsolell said.

Maryland Transportation Authority sealNew, better designed service areas should help travelers but what I would really like to see there are ramps from the right lane rather than the left lane which has been the setup they were built. Reporter Candy Thomson responded to an email that new ramps were not part of this project. I’m disappointed that the Maryland Transportation Authority is not building a safer exit/entrance system.

I tended to choose the less crowded Chesapeake House if I stopped at either of them. I don’t think the service areas save much time compared to getting of of I-95, but it came in handy during my last trip northbound. Maryland is feeling competition from the new Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza that was featured on NPR last year. These service plazas exist because they were built on toll roads prior to legislation prohibited them on interstate highways out of concern that they competed with local business.


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